Cisco CCNA Certification Exam Tutorial: The Config Register And Password Recovery

Whether you’re getting ready for the CCNA certification exam or now not, you ought to be organized for the following query:

“Hey, I reloaded this router and it wishes an allow password. Do you are aware of it?”

CCNA certification,

Because in case you don’t, and there may be nobody available who does, you need to carry out a password recovery approach on the router – without erasing the modern-day configuration. This involves manipulating the config check in, and a misstep here may be fatal to the router’s possibilities of recuperation!

Obviously, that may make you quite frightened approximately converting the config check in, CCNA or not. Different Cisco routers and switches have one of a kind techniques for password healing, so the subsequent dialogue is restrained to the 2500 series. If you need to do this for every other version, do a short search engine take a look at for “password restoration cisco” and also you ought to quick find a record for the Cisco router you are operating with.

For the 2500 collection, you begin via reloading the router and sending a BREAK signal for the duration of the first 60 seconds of the reload. Depending on the terminal software you are the usage of, this may be the hardest a part of the entire procedure! For maximum, simply press CTRL-BREAK during this one-minute duration. If this doesn’t paintings, you can need to check Help for your terminal software to find out a way to send this ruin signal.

As a result of the smash series, the router will move into ROM Monitor mode. The instructions here are completely distinctive than the ones you’re used to working with inside the router’s IOS. Use the command o/r 0x2142 to exchange the config register putting, and reload the router by way of getting into the letter “i”.

This config register placing doesn’t erase something, however it does make the router ignore the contents of NVRAM. This way that you’ll be brought on to enter the dreaded Setup Mode, which you do NOT want to do. Simply press “N” and sort “allow” whilst you’re on the router spark off. (If you do pass into Setup Mode, you may constantly get out with CTRL-C, a reachable command to understand for the CCNA exam and for actual existence, as you may see!)

Be very cautious with the subsequent step. You want to enter the command “configure memory” or “copy start run” at this point – do not input “write reminiscence” or “reproduction run begin”. Success at the CCNA exam and in running with real-world networks is all about the details, and that is a very essential detail.

At this point, you may take a look at the walking configuration and spot the passwords, and alternate them if you wish. However, we’re not finished. The config register desires to be set again to its default of 0x2102, and you accomplish that with the global command “config-register 0x2102”. Now you need to keep your config with “write memory” or “copy run begin”, and reload the router. The router will now boot because it normally would.

Knowing a way to get over a lost password is a important skill for each the Cisco CCNA certification exam and for fulfillment in real-world networks. It’s no longer something we ought to do every day, however while the time requires it, we need to do it efficaciously and absolutely – and that includes that very last config-sign in exchange!

Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933, is the owner of The Bryant Advantage, domestic of over 100 loose certification examination tutorials, consisting of Cisco CCNA certification check prep articles. His exclusive Cisco CCNA have a look at manual and Cisco CCNA education is likewise to be had!

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