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Yet every other recreation that involves treasure searching and digging the land for hidden wealth. What makes this sport unique from the other video games that have the identical topics that pop up these days in Facebook? We at Mabel Games will go through with you our readers collectively to peer you this game is really worth making an investment your time into.

Treasure Madness is every other usual Treasure hunting game that currently been introduce to the Facebook network. Like the sport Treasure Isle by means of Zynga, this recreation is based totally on treasure hunting and explorations. However, you must be asking what makes this game exclusive from every other treasure looking recreation out there?

First off we study the interface of Treasure Madness. The component here is, this game isn’t fully base on Flash alone. I do be aware that some part of the game is comprised of web interface. This is form of unique with the aggregate of each worlds. Health bars and inventory menus are positioned at the proper facet of the screen and it isn’t always a part of flash, instead it’s miles net based totally right here. On the centre of the display screen is where you do your main interplay.

The Game first introduce you to the welcome display screen and as quickly as you click on PLAY, you may be show with the loading display screen of the Bi-Plane flying to a unknown island. This is wherein you game begins. Tutorial in this game is easy and as an alternative short.

Once you attain the island you’ll be advised to DIG the grown you stroll on. From there it’s far definitely depends in your success to look what you can locate below. Funny a part of the sport right here is in case you do not discover some thing the your individual will shout out loud in strange symbols (You might get the funny story to this if you read quite a few comics) and in case you do discover some thing a brand new display will pop up and provide you with a challenge. This is where this game actually shines in comparison to Treasure Isle.

Each locating will offer you with a mini-sport that’s randomly generated and provide players with a danger to play games like Fruittle, Pearls Mania and a few others extra. Each video games plays otherwise and this permit players to virtually play the sport without getting bored of the equal vintage thing time and again once more.

The mini-video games are easy to play and maximum will include a easy practise on how the game works. After a few hours into the game, I certainly love how the builders do with all of the mini-video games as some could be very addictive and easy to master for every age. Once you finished the mini-sport a praise will be supplied to the participant. However if the player by some means lose at some stage in the mini-game, then no reward is offer. Somehow this game provides participant with venture to continually try to beat the mini-game to gain greater bonus objects.

The game itself isn’t always simplest about digging the floor you stroll on, you’ll also should chop down timber, vines and additionally do some mining operations. However maximum gadget want to be buy and it does now not come reasonably-priced. So for the first few spherical, players can be confined to digging the earth a chunk.

Something I do notice is that after you finish a map, player will then must buy a brand new map a good way to continue their treasure searching quest. This is in which a bit of useful resource management is available in as you want to plot a chunk on what to buy and what not. Nothing is definitely critical in this part of the game play.

Another issue we study is the stock gadget. The stock machine can be access at every time and the proper side of the display screen. Mainly the simplest element the players need to worry approximately is their fitness as it’s miles used to assist player keep their looking. Best part, fruits or fitness regeneration % is effortlessly come again and the health top off counter is likewise restrained to 35 seconds. It is very smooth to your health bar to top off even as players take a brief damage.


Not genuinely the excellent photo you could locate in Facebook gaming as a number of the feel in the sport is rather simple and simple. But this isn’t to mention that is an unpleasant game to begin with. This เว็บไซต์บาคาร่าน่าเล่น game does has its shines within the photograph branch.


I do no longer honestly comment tons on the sound as I do not without a doubt recollect having any song. Sound FX and rather undeniable, however for this kind of recreation it’s miles instead appropriate as you do not actually need to pay attention plenty from the sport itself.


This is alternatively a unique sport that will offer players of all ages’ fun and leisure for hours to come. I for one as an alternative experience the game a lot specifically the mini-sport element. I would love to see extra contents update for this recreation within the destiny. Happy Hunting Everyone!

I provide this recreation a 4 out of 5 rating.

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