Fitness Equipment Glossary

There are dozens and dozens of various sort of fitness device out there so preserving music of them can be pretty the undertaking, even for an professional. The continuously influx of latest sort of improvements and gadget also do not assist and can intimidate novices to the fitness world. We have compiled a list of the most commonplace terms regarding health device and ruin them down to easy to understand, non-jargon causes. We have additionally exact which frame part the equipment goals, if applicable. If phrases like ergometer, P80 console and smith system baffle you, this listing will be your buddy. We have gathered up all the fitness gadget names that we may want to locate and we are constantly including to this list.

top publicity of fitness stunts:

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: abdominals

An ab bench is a health bench this is usually at a decline, normally with padded leg rollers to hook your legs or foot round to carry out a crunch or take a seat-up. There are also adjustable variations of those wherein you could perform specific exercises on.

Adjustable Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

Similar to a flat bench, but they’re adjustable to both become a flat bench, an incline bench or a decline bench.


An abbreviation for the Precor AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer) that’s an all-in-one elliptical machine. It is able to change strides and adapt to the person without any guide modifications.

Arc Trainer

Category: Cardio

Body Parts Targeted: hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, middle (if it consists of higher frame: triceps, biceps, returned)

A cardio gadget created by means of Cybex that closely resembles an elliptical, however the impartial floating pedal mechanism similarly reduces impact in your lower joints.

Assisted Chin Dip

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: triceps, deltoids, pectorals, abdominals, biceps

An assisted chin dip gadget is a tower with two protruding rods. Some machines could have the user either kneel or stand on a weighted platform. The consumer starts offevolved with their arms at a ninety degree perspective and extends their arms to perform the exercising.


See entry for elliptical.

Curl Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

Also sometimes referred to as a preacher curl. This bench resembles a seat with a padded section in front. The user places their arm over the padded section of the bench and might carry out curls with right form.


One of the leading manufacturers of health device. They mainly specialize in generating power device with over one hundred fifty precise portions. Cybex is likewise known for their progressive Arc Trainer aerobic machines.

Decline Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

A weight bench where the user’s legs are better than their head. It is used for bench presses that concentrate on the lower part of the chest.


Category: Cardio

Body Parts Targeted: hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, center (if it consists of upper frame: triceps, biceps, again)

An elliptical is a desk bound cardio system that simulates strolling or climbing. Users stand on pedals which lets in for an extremely low impact workout. Some elliptical also have movable hands with a purpose to also permit for an extra top frame exercise. Also now and again called an elliptical crosstrainer or a crosstrainer.

Ergometer – This is quite the perplexing term. Sometimes an ergometer can talk over with the tool interior your exercising device that tracks your facts like heart rate, energy burned, distance run, and many others. An ergometer can also be referring to an indoor rowing device. See rowing machine for in addition definitions at the term used in that context.

Flat Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

A flat bench is designed for customers to lie flat on top of. It is designed to aid customers at the same time as they may be performing bench presses.

FreeMotion Fitness

A fitness equipment manufacturer that produces each strength and cardio device. They are satisfactory acknowledged for their FreeMotion Functional Trainer, which uses pulleys and cables to allow a extra dynamic range of movement.

Functional Trainer

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: Entire body

Functional trainers are all-in-one fitness machines that commonly appear to be one huge tower. Many of them make use of cables or pulleys so that it will accommodate a extensive range of different physical games. Functional trainers target higher body, decrease frame and the center. The type of exercising varies relying on the version.

Hoist Fitness

Hoist Fitness is a San Diego based organization that produces energy-training and indoor biking products for industrial and home markets.

Incline Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

A weight bench wherein the user’s head is higher than their legs. Generally utilized in bench presses and curls.

Incline Press

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: pectorals (top chest), deltoids, triceps

The incline press gadget is a weight machine that consists of a seat with two handles placed in the front of the person which might be connected to weights. The user extends their hands and slowly brings them lower back to beginning function to complete a repetition.

Indoor Cycle

Category: Cardio

Body Parts Targeted: hamstring, quadriceps, calves, gluteus maximus, abdominals, tibilais anterior, core

An indoor cycle is a desk bound bike this is much like an upright motorcycle, however is generally smaller and uses a weighted flywheel. It is typically used in indoor biking instructions in which riders ride the indoor cycle in a set in a collection, following an trainer and track.

LeMond Fitness

LeMond Fitness, powered by Hoist Fitness, is a fitness employer shaped by way of Greg LeMond that focuses on growing stationary cycles.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness is one in all the largest and most reputable fitness system manufacturers. They manufacture every form of device along with aerobic and energy machines.

Matrix Fitness

Matrix Fitness is a commercial grade health equipment manufacturer. They are known for their industrial design and contemporary appearance.

Olympic Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

Olympic benches are slightly larger than wellknown benches and are generally made of composite metal for maximum sturdiness. Olympic benches are also more padded considering that they are designed so that you can withstand larger weight hundreds and heavier lifters.

P80 Console – Precor’s newest consoles for his or her aerobic fitness equipment. It has a 15″ LCD capacitive touchscreen. It is also iPod/iPhone well suited.

P30 Console – Precor’s older fashion console. Includes big LED show and movement controls.

Power Rack

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

A energy rack is a machine with 4 vertical bars and two movable horizontal bars used to seize barbells. Many power racks also include additional horizontal bars to carry out chin usaand pull united stateson similarly to barbell physical activities. They are normally wide sufficient for a person to effortlessly in shape inner, at the side of a fitness bench.

Preacher Curl

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

See access for curl bench.


Precor is a worldwide leader inside the domestic/industrial exercising gadget due to their emphasis on superior best, creative innovation and common performance. They specialize in each strength device and cardio and are in all likelihood maximum widely known for their innovative AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer).

Recumbent Bike

Category: Cardio

Body Parts Targeted: hamstring, quadriceps, calves, gluteus maximus, abdominals, tibilais anterior

A recumbent bike is an workout motorbike that locations its user in a reclining role with the pedals out in front of them. The recumbent motorbike is excellent for customers with returned troubles due to the fact there’s

less pressure on the lower back due to the laid-returned function.

Smith Machine

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, back

A smith system is a machine generally which include a vertical steel rails this is utilized in weight schooling. It is frequently used with a barbell and as a self-recognizing system. There are slots on the smith system that you can hook a barbell onto with best a twist of a wrist. There are also generally safeties which can be positioned at a minimum height to catch the barbell and save you accidents. Smith Machines usually only also vertical motion and are basically used for squats.


A fitness employer installed in 1983 and recognised for their stair mountain climbing fitness device. Their maximum well-known merchandise consist of the stepper and stepmill.

Star Trac

Star Trac has been manufacturing exercising gadget for each domestic and industrial use considering that 1979. Their most important specialties are their Pro Treadmill lines, their whole traces of selectorized electricity gadget and lots more.


Category: Cardio

Body Parts Targeted: quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, hip flexors, calves

A stepmill resembles an escalator within the sense that it’s miles an limitless set of rotating steps. These steps are attached to a belt that revolves with each step. Stepmills are meant to precisely simulate stair climbing and uses your very own frame weight as resistance, which could growth the amount of energy burned.


Category: Cardio

Body Parts Targeted: quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, hip flexors, calves

Steppers are machines that have facet via aspect pedals which you pump up and down to simulate stair hiking. Since steppers rely less on bodyweight, they’re extra powerful for lighter people who might not have enough mass to properly circulate the stepmills. Generally, steppers will let you regulate resistance level to adjust intensity and problem of the workout.

Upright Bike

Category: Cardio

Body Parts Targeted: hamstring, quadriceps, calves, gluteus maximus, abdominals, tibilais anterior, core

An upright bike is an workout motorbike where the person sits in an upright position, similar to a avenue bicycle, with the pedals nearly directly beneath the seat. The upright role allows to simulate real street bike driving and engages the middle greater than a recumbent motorcycle.

Weight Bench

Category: Strength

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

A weight bench (once in a while referred to as a fitness bench) is a padded board supported via legs and its number one purpose is for weightlifters to sit or lie down on. There are various types of weight benches, inclusive of an incline bench, a decline bench, an ab bench, a preacher curl/curl bench and an Olympic bench.

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