Spiritual Healing – Testing the Healing Techniques – Do They Really Work?

Over the years that I even have studied and practiced non secular healing, I even have visible and experienced many healings and health improvements alongside the manner which I attribute to 555 Angel Number spiritual restoration. I reached this conclusion very scientifically over a growing period of time by using testing the restoration techniques to determine if they definitely work.

How it all began – Healing #1

I had examine several times that religious recovery brings restoration and alleviation from pain and suffering, but I by no means thought of the usage of non secular recovery until sooner or later once I injured my hand. I felt this might be a terrific time to give it a try to see if it might help my hand to heal. I had a large, deep wound in my hand that normally could take several weeks to heal. I felt this will be a great check to look how rapid the wound would heal if I used religious recovery.

I additionally determined that the pleasant way to keep tune of my religious restoration efforts and results could be to create a journal, logging in what my spiritual healing work consisted of, how often I did it, and what I did. I would also hold track of my recovery development (or lack of development). I felt the journaling turned into important due to the fact it’d deliver me an goal, impartial, concrete accounting of events which I should discuss with at will. This accounting ought to help me objectively determine if spiritual healing did or did no longer assist to carry restoration. I felt trying to commit my consequences to reminiscence might be unreliable when you consider that maximum people tend to feel in another way about matters on extraordinary days, relying on situations and activities.

I sat down to begin non secular recovery work to heal my hand. I wasn’t positive I changed into doing it proper, but I accompanied the instructions the quality that I ought to. I closely gazed at my hand as I did the non secular work, hoping to peer some type of magical healing take place, and was hoping that I would actually see the wound heal and disappear from my hand.

After fifteen mins of doing religious recuperation paintings, lots to my disappointment, I did now not see nor sense any change in my hand. The wound was still there and it nonetheless harm.

Since I was operating to heal a wound as opposed to an illness, I read that I must do the religious work often – numerous times a day, as often as viable. Each time I did my non secular paintings on the first day, I become awaiting some sort of superb recuperation, but that failed to show up. When I went to bed that night, I nevertheless couldn’t see any exchange in the advent of the wound, and I nonetheless had big ache. I fell asleep that night time doing non secular work to heal my hand.

Much to my marvel, the following morning, once I checked out the wound, it was a lot smaller. There was much less swelling, the skin was ordinary around the wound in place of being crimson, the scabby area itself seemed smaller, and the ache turned into gone.

As the day improved, I persisted with the spiritual work and became surprised to word that the wound turned into swiftly getting smaller.

On the second one night time of my test, I again fell asleep doing spiritual paintings for the entire restoration of my hand and after I awakened, there has been best a slightly perceptible wound area. In amazement I checked out my hand wondering how this will be feasible for a large wound to heal so rapid, and leave no visible scar. I logged all of this facts into my journal and I concluded that the religious recuperation approach I used did in reality heal my hand and that my first test ended in success because I found out whole restoration of the wound I was looking to heal in a report time frame.

But – turned into the restoration a accident?

Just as I changed into basking in fulfillment, I started to marvel if the healing I found out might have been coincidental to the spiritual recovery paintings. Would it have healed besides given that I did wash the wound, dealt with it with an over-the-counter antibacterial remedy, and saved it bandaged most of the time to hold the wound smooth?

Now I turned into faced with the query of whether or not or now not my hand could have healed with out the non secular healing paintings. What if the non secular recuperation work I did clearly had no affect in any respect in my restoration? I decided the only way to make certain was to run some other check. Since I didn’t have any other recovery want on the time I determined to try a religious recuperation method on my dog.

Testing the approach again – Healing #2

My dog injured considered one of her hind legs. The veterinarian advised me that my dog might in no way have the ability to stroll again on that leg due to the nature of the harm. The vet stated that the muscle tissues in my dog’s leg could atrophy (decrease in length) over time, and my dog would spend the relaxation of her existence limping on 3 legs.

Not trying to agree with this, I sought consultation from 3 other veterinarians and each instructed me the identical issue – neither surgical operation nor medicines may want to or might restore my canine’s leg to normalcy.

This saddened me greatly to assume my canine would be crippled for the rest of her existence, and it grieved me to watch her shuffle along trying to walk on 3 legs, seeking to move potty with three legs, and no longer being capable of chase bunnies and squirrels and butterflies.

I researched spiritual restoration strategies once more, and determined on which approach I would use to attempt for a restoration for her. Again I each day, several instances a day, faithfully finished spiritual recuperation strategies directing the recuperation energy at my dog’s injured leg, and again logged the results into my journal. Since I could not recognize how she become feeling, the handiest magazine entries I may want to make concerning her development had been what I observed from watching her and how she behaved.

Several weeks went via, and I failed to see any improvement in her situation despite the fact that I faithfully did the spiritual healing work day by day. My journal turned into dull and repetitious with day by day entries of “No progress or healing cited.”

I was becoming discouraged because after I labored to heal my hand, I noticed notable improvement within 24 hours, and entire recovery within three days. Now, numerous weeks later, I could not see any change in my dog’s circumstance. I requested myself:

Did non secular recuperation genuinely paintings, or not?
If it labored, why wasn’t I seeing a recuperation in my dog?
Am I doing something incorrect?
Maybe I did not do it lengthy enough – or regularly sufficient?
Should I attempt another technique?
What need to I do next?
I felt trapped, despaired, and discouraged. Trapped due to the fact I failed to realize what to do next, and despaired and discouraged due to the fact the veterinarians couldn’t assist her, prayer did not heal her, and now, what if the spiritual recovery method didn’t help either? Was I trapped with out a manner left to help her? Was she doomed to being a cripple for the relaxation of her life?

Because I did not recognize what to do subsequent, I determined to stick with the non secular healing a touch longer. I also mixed my every day non secular restoration work with prayer, and did everything I could think of to help her even though the veterinarians said any efforts on my element could be in useless.

I rubbed her leg with alcohol and massaged it every day. In between the alcohol rubs, I applied steeply-priced emu preparations to her whole leg, and gently exercised her leg muscle tissues manually seeking to carry existence into them and slow up and/or take away the atrophy. Intermittently I also rubbed her leg with Ben Gay or Aspercreme hoping the exceptional products might help her leg to heal. And, I persisted to faithfully do my spiritual recovery paintings for the healing of her leg. I also instructed God that I changed into no longer going to surrender on her, I predicted a healing and might work to comprehend it.

In addition to all of the above, I additionally had to paintings difficult, very very difficult, to keep a high quality attitude and fight developing discouragement, depression, and negative mind about her turning into healed. Every time the concept or idea got here to me that she would now not be healed/couldn’t be healed, that I was foolish to think that religious recovery or whatever may want to help her, I deliberately changed the ones negative mind with fine ones telling myself that she could be healed, she would be healed, and I forced myself to visualise a image of her as being healed. I labored hard to mentally create photographs in my thoughts of her going for walks just like the wind, barking at squirrels and bunnies and butterflies as she chased them like she used to earlier than her leg became injured

One day when we were out walking, I became doing my religious work for her leg as common and as I turned into carrying out, I looked once more at my dog limping at the side of her atrophying leg striking from her body like a dead issue. I shouted to her leg (sure, to her leg) “Why aren’t you healing?”And then I shouted to God and to the heavens, “Why aren’t you recuperation her? God, please permit her walk!”And inside the instant of me crying out, with tears streaming down my face, it regarded as though the arena stood nonetheless. I “felt”a heavy silence within the air. My dog’s eyes were locked on me in a abnormal manner, and there was a peculiar expression in her eyes. As I seemed gradually at her questioning what her expression should imply, my canine moved her dead useless leg that hung from her shoulder, and positioned it on the floor. As I watched, she took one unsteady step on it, then any other, then some other. It were months on account that she moved that leg, and now she became taking walks on it? I could hardly ever trust my eyes to see this, but sure – she become on foot! Hurray!

The atrophy was long past, much like that, in an on the spot! I did not recognize wherein it went or the way it went, and I nonetheless don’t know. I turned into in awe as I watched her walk, and felt that I become witnessing a miracle. It wasn’t till a while later that I realized I had witnessed what is known as a “spontaneous recuperation” that means, recuperation got here all at once. True, it took several weeks of spiritual paintings on my part earlier than she have become healed, however while the recovery came, it took place unexpectedly in preference to slowly evolving.

On the day of her recovery, my dog and I walked and walked and walked. I reveled inside the pleasure and awe of her recuperation. Soon she turned into running and chasing bunnies and squirrels again. But, in my joy, I again commenced to impeach whether or not I had experienced a recovery as a result of my religious healing paintings, or became this some other coincidence? Did my canine’s healing come approximately due to the various many times I rubbed and exercised her leg, and/or my unceasing prayers to God?

Well, the most effective way to realize became to run another take a look at again, and notice what takes place. I did not have any greater fitness issues to try to heal via spiritual restoration so I wasn’t positive how I should take a look at spiritual recuperation a third time.

Healing #3

A few weeks later I turned into having lunch with a friend. As I became relaying my canine’s recovery to her, she instructed me approximately a pores and skin circumstance she had that could no longer heal. She asked me if I wanted to try non secular recovery on her pores and skin circumstance to peer if non secular recovery could have any effect on the pores and skin circumstance? She instructed me that she had been to several doctors, had taken numerous medicinal drugs orally for it, and had implemented several salves and lotions to her skin externally, however the condition become stubborn and would now not heal. I told her I would like to present it a try, so another time I researched strategies to determine which one I would love to strive on her pores and skin condition, and I faithfully and each day executed the religious recuperation techniques, making use of them to her pores and skin circumstance. It turned into understood among us that she could preserve together with her medicine, and hold seeing her medical doctor even though I would be doing religious healing work for her. Her pores and skin condition quickly cleared up, and after some time, the health practitioner told her she should forestall her medication.

That became three out of three tries at spiritual healing wherein I found out healings. Each took a distinctive quantity of time and a one of a kind amount of work and attempt to understand a recuperation. But on every occasion I did recognize a restoration.

But again, I questioned them. What if those were coincidences? What if medicinal drugs I implemented to my dog’s leg and the health practitioner’s medicinal drugs prescribed for my friend in the end kicked in and have been answerable for the healings?

As I contemplated this example, I determined that the subsequent time a recovery become wanted, I could not do any spiritual healing paintings, might let matters take their personal course, and notice what occurred.

Testing the technique through doing nothing – Healing #four

A few months later I came down with the flu, and did no spiritual healing paintings in any respect for myself. I did see the physician for whatever help he could deliver me due to the fact I turned into very sick and really depressing, and I faithfully took the medications he prescribed. When the worst flu symptoms cleared up, I just dragged along, now not able to get a whole lot accomplished, and normally did not experience properly at all. I made repeated journeys to the doctor for malaise (physical discomfort, loss of power) over the next several weeks but did now not understand any improvement.

I pondered the scenario and requested myself, “Would I actually have healed more speedy and with much less suffering if I practiced religious recuperation as I did at some stage in my first three exams?” Well, I in reality wasn’t getting back to my normal self after my bout with the flu notwithstanding all the medicinal drugs I changed into taking, so I concept I’d provide non secular recovery a try to see what could take place, if something. And lo, and behold, inside per week after starting the religious recovery paintings for myself, I was feeling better and on the end of weeks I felt extraordinary and turned into capable of forestall all medicines.

Another twist of fate? Conclusions?

Did non secular restoration help me to get my power back or changed into this yet every other coincidence?” I requested myself. The most effective manner to virtually get a conclusive answer changed into to maintain my research, hold to report my consequences, and analyze matters as I went alongside. It turned into awesome to me to study in the months that observed, after which in the years that followed, that after I used spiritual healing, whether or not or no longer it turned into vital to look the medical doctor, I constantly did comprehend: 1) remedy from pain and suffering, 2) health improvements, and three) healings at varying rates of velocity and to varying stages. Sometimes recovery and/or improvements have been gradual to come back but they did ultimately come. And the times once I didn’t use spiritual healing, or waited earlier than using it, I failed to do as nicely.

Each time I analyzed my notes, the tally showed that universal I fared better after I used spiritual restoration then once I did not. I felt it changed into safe to conclude that non secular healing really did have a fine effect in bringing approximately healings, and remedy from ache and suffering. And that it labored whether I used the techniques for myself, for animals, or for other humans.

Will spiritual recovery give you the results you want?

I want to say sure, however I cannot promise you that it’ll. The handiest manner you can know for certain is to attempt it, to test the strategies.

NOTE #1: Spiritual restoration need to NEVER replace medical care just as hospital treatment must in no way update the practice of non secular recovery. Each heals in a one-of-a-kind way, and what one approach can not heal, the opposite approach frequently does. When used collectively, you have got the best risk of becoming healed.

NOTE #2: Although I located that non secular recuperation techniques do assist someone to realise recuperation, I have additionally found that, just as docs training medication do not constantly heal or therapy a person coming to them for healing, the same holds proper for non secular healing. Not all and sundry in search of religious recovery will become healed. This have to not be a deterrent to in search of or training non secular restoration any more than doctors surrender working towards medicinal drug simply because not all people seeking recovery via a health practitioner will become cured or healed.

NOTE #three: Doing nothing at all to help one’s self while healing is wanted can cause lengthy intervals of suffering and frequently a worsening of an unhealthy situation. Documentation proves that a greater wide variety of healings and health upgrades are realized whilst recovery treatments are used (whether the remedies be scientific healing remedies, spiritual recovery remedies, or a aggregate of each) then via doing nothing at all (now not looking for any sort of restoration) and hoping for the first-rate.

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