Ten Common Myths About Testosterone Treatment For Women

There’s a growing hobby in testosterone hormone replacement for treating signs related to growing old. You’ve probable seen advertisements of virile, muscle sure men of their 60’s and 70’s.

Along with the developing hobby there’s also a developing quantity of facts. But tons of it’s far anecdotal stories, deceptive records and flat out, unproven myths. Especially as it relates to testosterone substitute therapy for women.

The fact is that medically administered, testosterone therapy is likewise used to successfully treat signs and symptoms of hormone deficiency in pre and postmenopausal girls. And physicians-Dr. Rebecca Glaser and Dr. Constantine Dimitrakakis-are dispelling the misinformation approximately it thru scientific studies.

Dr. Glaser and Dr. Dimitrakakis consciousness on subcutaneously implanted, bio-identical hormones (human same molecule) and no longer oral, synthetic androgens or anabolic steroids.

With that during thoughts, here are the 10 myths of testosterone replacement therapy for ladies.

Myth #1: Testosterone is a “male” hormone

Although men have a higher circulating degree of testosterone than women, from a organic perspective, women and men are genetically similar. Both sexes encompass useful estrogen and androgen (testosterone) receptors. And at the same time as estrogen is popularly considered the primary lady hormone, at some point of a female’s lifespan, testosterone is really the most considerable, biologically active hormone with considerably higher tiers than estradiol. And as early as 1937, testosterone therapy became reported to efficiently treat signs and symptoms of the menopause.

Myth #2: Its simplest function in women is sex force and libido

There’s quite a few hype approximately testosterone’s position in sexual characteristic. But in fact, it is a fraction of the general physiologic effect testosterone performs in women. That’s because testosterone governs the health of just about all tissues inclusive of the breast, heart, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, lung, brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, bladder, uterus, ovaries, endocrine glands, vaginal tissue, pores and skin, bone, bone marrow, synovium, muscle and adipose tissue.

The characteristic of those tissues declines as testosterone declines. The result of this deficiency in each ladies and men consists of dysphoric temper (tension, irritability, depression), lack of nicely-being, physical fatigue, bone loss, muscle loss, changes in cognition, memory loss, insomnia, hot flashes, rheumatoid lawsuits, pain, breast ache, urinary lawsuits, incontinence in addition to sexual dysfunction. And similar to for guys, these signs are efficaciously dealt with in girls thru testosterone remedy.

Myth #three: It masculinizes girls

Testosterone remedy has been effectively and efficaciously administered in ladies for over 76 years. Rather than decrease a female’s femininity it will increase it. Testosterone stimulates ovulation, increases fertility and safely treats the nausea of early pregnancy without destructive consequences.

Sure, massive doses of supra-pharmacological artificial testosterone are used to treat female to male transgender patients to increase male trends like frame hair. But this requires excessive doses over an extended time frame. Even then, proper masculinization continues to be not possible. And those effects are reversible by definitely decreasing the dosage.

Myth #four: It reasons hoarseness and voice modifications

Hoarseness is maximum commonly resulting from inflammation due to hypersensitive reactions, infectious or chemical laryngitis, reflux esophagitis, voice over-use, mucosal tears, medications and vocal wire polyps. Testosterone possesses anti inflammatory properties. There is no proof that testosterone reasons hoarseness and there’s no physiological mechanism that allows testosterone to do so.

Although a few anecdotal case reports and small questionnaire studies have reported an association among 400 and 800 mg/d of danazol and self-mentioned, subjective voice ‘adjustments’ an goal observe proven the alternative.

Twenty-four sufferers acquired 600 mg of danazol (artificial testosterone) remedy day by day and had been studied for three and six months. There had been no vocal modifications that could be attributed to the androgenic houses of danazol. These conclusions are steady with a 12 months examine examining voice adjustments on pharmaco-common sense doses of subcutaneous testosterone implant therapy in girls with the aid of Glaser and Dimitrakakis.

Myth #five: It causes hair loss

Hair loss is a complicated, genetically decided process and there may be no evidence that either testosterone or testosterone therapy cause it. In truth, from a clinical perspective, dihy-drotestosterone (DHT), no longer testosterone, is taken into consideration the lively androgen in male pattern balding.

There are many elements related to hair loss. For example, it is commonplace in both men and women with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance will increase five-alpha reductase, which increases conversion of testosterone to dihy-drotestosterone in the hair follicle.

In addition, weight problems, age, alcohol, medicines and sedentary lifestyle growth aromatase interest, which lowers testosterone and raises estradiol. Increased DHT, reduced testosterone, and improved estradiol ranges can make a contribution to hair loss in genetically predisposed men and women. But so can medicines, stress and nutritional deficiencies.

In research performed with the aid of Glaser and Dimitrakakis, thirds of girls dealt with with subcutaneous testosterone implants have scalp hair re-boom on remedy. Women who did no longer re-develop hair were more likely to be hypo or hyperthyroid, iron deficient or have multiplied body mass index. And not one of the 285 patients handled for up to fifty six months with subcutaneous T remedy complained of hair loss.

Myth #6: It has unfavorable consequences on the heart

On the contrary, there’s overwhelming biological and clinical evidence that testosterone promotes a healthy heart. Testosterone has a beneficial impact on lean frame mass, glucose metabolism and lipid profiles in men and women. It is efficiently used to deal with and save you cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Testosterone also widens blood vessels in both sexes, has immune-modulating houses that inhibit plaque and strengthens the cardiac muscle. It improves useful potential, insulin resistance and muscle energy in each ladies and men with congestive coronary heart failure.

Myth #7: It reasons liver damage

High doses of oral, synthetic androgens (e.G., methyl-testosterone) skip through the digestive device, are absorbed into the entero-hepatic circulation and can adversely affect the liver. But subcutaneous implants and topical patches avoid the entero-hepatic movement and pass the liver. So there’s no damaging effect on the liver, liver enzymes or clotting factors.

Furthermore, non-oral testosterone does no longer boom the chance of deep venous thrombosis or pulmonary embolism like oral estrogens, androgens and synthetic progestins. And in spite of the priority over liver toxicities with anabolic steroids and oral artificial androgens, there are only 3 reports of hepa-tocellular carcinoma in guys treated with excessive doses of oral artificial methyl testosterone. Even the report of benign tumors (adenomas) with oral androgen therapy is rather rare.

Myth #8: It reasons aggression

Although anabolic steroids can increase aggression and rage, this does not occur with testosterone therapy. Even supra-pharmacologic doses of intramuscular testosterone undecanoate do now not growth competitive conduct. But as stated before, testosterone can aromatize to estradiol. And there may be extensive proof among species, that estrogens, not testosterone, play a chief role in aggression and hostility.

However, in research performed via Glaser and Dimitrakakis, over 90% of ladies dealt with with subcutaneous testosterone remedy have documented reduced aggression, irritability and tension. And this is not a new locating. Androgen remedy has been used to treat PMS for over 60 years.

Myth #nine: It might also increase the risk of breast cancer

It was diagnosed as early as 1937 that breast most cancers became an estrogen touchy cancer and that testosterone acted as a counter balance to estrogen. Clinical trials in primates and humans have showed that testosterone has a beneficial effect on breast tissue via lowering breast proliferation and preventing stimulation from estradiol.

However, a few epidemiological research have said an affiliation between increased androgens and breast most cancers. But those research be afflicted by methodological boundaries, and more importantly, do not account for related multiplied estradiol tiers and expanded body mass index. And the motive and effect interpretation of those research conflicts with the known organic impact of testosterone.

Although testosterone is breast protecting, it may aromatize to estradiol and have a secondary, stimulatory impact at the estrogen receptor. But when testosterone is blended with an aromatase inhibitor in a subcutaneous implant, it blocks testosterone from aromatizing.

This shape of treatment has been shown to effectively deal with androgen deficiency signs in breast cancer survivors and is currently being evaluated in a U.S. Country wide cancer observe. In addition, Dimitrakakis and Glaser see a reduced occurrence of breast most cancers in women treated with testosterone or testosterone with anastrozole implants.

Myth #10: Guide to testosterone replacement therapy

Testosterone implants have been used appropriately in girls given that 1938. Any real concerns might be nicely mounted by means of now.

Long-time period records exists at the a hit and safe use of testosterone in doses of as much as 225 mg in up to forty years of therapy. In addition, long time follow up research on supra-pharmacologic doses used to ‘girl to male’ transgender sufferers file no increase in mortality, breast cancer, vascular sickness or different principal fitness issues.

Many of the facet outcomes and protection issues attributed to testosterone are from oral formulations, or are secondary to improved aromatase interest because of expanded estradiol. This effect increases with age, weight problems, alcohol intake, insulin resistance, breast most cancers, medicinal drugs, tablets, processed weight loss plan and sedentary life-style. Although frequently omitted or not addressed in medical research, monitoring aromatase hobby and signs and symptoms of extended estradiol is important to the safe use of testosterone in both sexes.

Adequate testosterone is vital for bodily, mental and emotional health in both sexes. Abandoning myths, misconceptions and unfounded issues approximately testosterone and testosterone remedy in women allows physicians to offer evidence based totally recommendations and suitable therapy

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