What Is SEO Hosting and Multiple C Class Hosting?

Lately, search engine marketing web hosting has been getting numerous buzz. I even have study some articles approximately it, and they fail to inform you exactly what it’s miles, the advantages and the downfall it has to your websites. Moreover, I am going to go into superb detail about it, when it must be used, and how it ought to be used, if it in any respect.

What is search engine optimization Hosting?

Search engine marketing website hosting permits you to spread your domain names throughout multiple c elegance IPs, making them appearance specific and separated. Search engine marketing web hosting makes all of it possible to manage these IPs underneath one manage panel. It would be a time eating nightmare to ought to login manually to each IP.

If you aren’t positive what an IP c class is, properly, each IP has 4 training. Listed under is your typical numerical IP layout, and beneath can be how it is specified in alphabet training:



The instance above suggests that, “111″ represents the IP “A” magnificence, “222″ represents the IP “B” class, “333″ represents the IP “C” elegance, and “444″ represents the IP “D” elegance.

Now, in case you had been to use Auditoria SEO Zaragoza  web hosting to host your web websites, this is how it’s going to look over exceptional c elegance IPs.

111.222.333.444 (website #1)
111.222.334.444 (internet site #2)
111.222.335.444 (internet site #three)
111.222.336.444 (internet site #four)
111.222.337.444 (website #5)

Do you see the difference? In my opinion, even though you’re web hosting on specific c elegance of IPs, it is a lifeless giveaway, while they’re in numerical order, like in the instance above. For this to be as particular as feasible and no longer to be a dead giveaway, the c elegance IPs need to be blended up, not in numerical order like above.

You may have no preference, in how the c class IPs are introduced. There are a constrained quantity of search engine optimization web hosting carriers, and may not provide that, however it by no means hurts to invite. Moreover, there are some that offer special c elegance search engine optimization hosting, and in more than one geographical regions, but they are very expensive.

Traditional web hosting may additionally provide you extra IPs at a charge, however more than probable they may be on the same “D” elegance, making them on the same community and near in range. Below is an example of your web sites unfold out over distinct d class IPs.

111.222.333.444 (internet site #1)
111.222.333.445 (internet site #2)
111.222.333.446 (website #three)
111.222.333.447 (website #4)
111.222.333.448 (internet site #five)

Purpose of Multiple C Class Hosting

The reason of search engine optimization hosting, is to get an advantage over your competition by using boosting your search engine rankings and hyperlink cost.

People that generally use seo website hosting, are webmasters which have a large network of web sites, with the motive of crosslinking to enhance their rankings. If you use traditional hosting techniques, and crosslinking inside the identical network, this could get you banned from the serps fast. In order to break out with it, you have to have every net web page seem that they’re specific and are on a specific c class IP.

The greater precise your web site appears to be to the search engines, the extra value your hyperlinks will have. Search engines are very picky about the value of links, and if they may be on the equal community, they are certainly don’t have any price at all. Like I stated before, the more particular your web web page seems to be, the more cost your links can have.

Before you purchase a search engine optimization web hosting plan, there are a whole lot of other elements to account for and avoid, or this whole scenario is vain.


Another extraordinarily essential element in search engine optimization web hosting that is rarely referred to, are nameservers. Search engines use the whois records, and that they accumulate extra than simply who owns the internet site, but in which it is hosted, the IP, of route, and the nameservers.

If you aren’t positive about what nameservers are, allow me give an explanation for in brief. Each server is assigned to an IP cope with. Then, that IP is assigned to a unique set of nameservers or “ns”. In order on your net site to reveal up, you may ought to set your nameservers to point to those unique nameservers. I hope you apprehend, I failed to need to get into it an excessive amount of.

Getting lower back to the importance of nameservers, even when you have a couple of c elegance IPs, however they may be the use of the identical namerservers, that isn’t search engine optimization hosting. There are some search engine optimization web hosting carriers that “claim” it’s far search engine optimization web hosting, due to the fact it’s miles on more than one c class IPs, however it is no longer. The problem is, if the nameservers aren’t specific for each IP, then, it really is no longer seo web hosting. That is traditional hosting, simple and simple.

Having the identical set of nameservers in your c class IPs, is letting the search engines like google recognise that all your web sites are hosted at the same community. Therefore, within the serps eyes, the servers are the identical and now not particular. That one small critical issue will defeat the reason of search engine optimization website hosting and your seo efforts.

For the pleasant results, you must make sure that every IP is on a separate c class, and has it is very own custom nameserver for every IP.

Whois Source

The whois supply is every other important element. The search engines like google pay near attention to the whois source, for many motives. As referred to above, the nameservers and who owns the website. Search engines have been crawling the whois source for a long term and is a chief component of their algorithms. It facilitates them recognize who owns what, and combat net junk mail. The whois source has an instantaneous effect on the way your web website is ranked.

If you are the use of public whois information, and all of your web sites are using the identical records, then I might cause them to non-public. If you get seo hosting, however hold them public the equal, you are going to raise a purple flag to the serps. You don’t need that, defeats the cause.

Make your whois non-public, or you could use a pals and/or own family participants facts, however get permission first. Make certain you inform them that their call, deal with and call number may be public. You also need to remember the fact that human beings do facts mining of the whois supply, although it is illegal and it is supposed for informational purposes most effective. Just make certain you operate a legitimate name, address and electronic mail cope with, in case their is a trouble. You can avoid this, by just going personal.

Even although non-public agencies are the usage of the equal whois statistics repeatedly, but they’re exempt from this.

Reality of search engine optimization Hosting

The reality of seo web hosting is that it’s far luxurious and may not be appropriate for websites, the effects may vary and might not be well worth it.

SEO hosting is steeply-priced. It can cost you as much as $eight in step with IP, depending on if they may be shared or committed. If you go together with a couple of c class shared IPs, it normally fees round $four consistent with IP, which is not too horrific. Now, dedicated a couple of c elegance IPs are loads greater high-priced, specially if they offer more than one geographical locations, which can fee as much as $10 per IP. To locate the best fee and plan, you may ought to store round.

Search engine optimization web hosting is not as dependable as conventional hosting, and you could have quite a few downtime. The seo website hosting idea is still quite new, and as time is going on and the demand, it’ll get higher. I even have attempted a couple search engine optimization website hosting providers, and they may be now not awful. I have not had any bad experiences, but.

Search engine optimization website hosting isn’t appropriate for each person. If you only have a few websites, then, I would not even bother. You might not see a great deal, if in any respect, any difference on your outcomes.

Moreover, if you have a network of 20 web sites, then yes, seo web hosting will be very beneficial to you. One element to maintain in mind, I wouldn’t host your entire network from the same search engine optimization website hosting issuer, I would use multiple agencies. You do not need all of your web sites coming from the equal geographical place and c training. The great effects are to use multiple companies, with particular IPs, now not simply c class, however an entire different IP range.

I’m going to be completely sincere here, there is a opportunity that search engine optimization hosting won’t improve your rankings in any respect. Your effects may vary relying at the competition in your area of interest and the size of your community of web sites. If your area of interest is every aggressive, you can handiest boom your rankings a few spots. But, if you don’t have rarely any competition, you can enhance your scores significantly.

Regardless of the hype surrounding search engine optimization hosting, consequences will range and loads of factors come into play. Search engine optimization web hosting isn’t always a brief seo fix, but but another variable to add to your seo practices. Search engine marketing is like baking a cake, if you put all of the right components in location, your results will shine.


If you do plan to implement search engine optimization website hosting, make certain you usually touch the organisation first and ask them a series of questions. Never count on that they offer this and off that. I had been contacting search engine optimization providers, and I changed into amazed via some of their responses. Know what you are becoming, earlier than you get it.

To help you out, underneath are a series of questions I usually ask, and you need to too, earlier than buying any type of search engine optimization web hosting plan. Some of those questions may additionally seem like no brainer, however they may be critical.

Are the IPs dedicated or shared?
What is the location of the IPs?
What is your customer service reaction time?
Does each IP have it’s own custom nameserver?
What is your downtime?
Is there a cash returned assure?
I desire that this assist answer some questions you can have had about search engine optimization hosting. SEO website hosting may be a great boost in your rankings, and horrific, in case you practice it’s philosophy incorrect. Be clever, before you bounce the gun.

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